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BUY PREGNYL 1500 Injection

This is a sex hormone, used in women that helps the release of eggs from the ovary. In men, this injection increases the sex drive or sperm counts as it increases the production of testosterone.


Follow these precautions while using this medicine also consult your doctor before taking this medicine.

  • Never use this medicine with alcohol first consult your doctor about this.
  • This medicine is not recommended in pregnancy as it has effects on the unborn baby.
  • If you have any allergic reactions while taking this medicine, do not use this medicine.
  • If you have any tumor in your ovaries, breasts, uterus, prostate, testicle or brain
  • If you have some other symptoms after taking this medicine consult your doctor

Side Effects:

  • A most common side effect is the injection site redness, pain, swelling, redness, and irritation
  • Other effects are acne, headache, tiredness and mood changes or swings.
  • This medicine has some adverse side effects like OHSS(ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome), multiple pregnancy or miscarriage
  • Having any other problems or symptoms consult your doctor.

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