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Having headaches in daily life and you start to take medicine from your bag or medical kit. These medicines that give instant relief comes in the category of OTC medicines. Especially, for headache, gastralgia, allergies, cold & flu, nausea, constipation, and similar health problems, many people use this medicine in daily life. There’s no prescription needed from medical shop or from the pharmacy for these medicines anyone can just go and buy these medicines. Our approach to the medication store, instead of to a doctor’s clinic. Though these over-the-counter(OTC) medicines are safe to use, there are conditions when these medicines go wrong and show adverse effects on the health of people who are using these medicines. The unpleasant effects of over-the-counter(OTC) medicines become worsen in the following ways:

  1. Side-Effects Of These Medicines: Many side effects come in action some of them are like nausea, dizziness, sleepiness, and rare injury within the alimentary tract.
  2. Drug to drug interaction: It happens after when you are on some other medicine for some other type of disease. Sometimes two different medicine can cause more damage in internal organs it depends on a person to person health conditions and also the type of medicine they were using. Here are some common interactions listed when you were on other drugs and use OTC medicine too:

Duplication In Ingredients: Duplicacy means two different medicine have the same time of ingredients means those cause the overdose side effects and damages liver and kidneys.

Opposing In Ingredients: If the ingredients present in medicine show opposing effects this can be harmful to the person who was using it.

Things to Remeber: If you’re visiting over one doctor for anybody ill or sickness, do discuss your current medications with him. Even though you’re taking any food supplement, health supplement, or vitamins, let your doctor knows about them.

  1. Food-Drug Interaction: Sometimes the food you eat can change the behavior of the medicine in your body this is known as a good drug interaction. this is often referred to as drug-food interaction. It will stop the manner drugs ought to have worked for you. Medicine and foods are very important in terms of several health issues when a doctor recommends you to use specific medicine with food one hour before or after, also when recommended the dose of medicine taken in the empty stomach has also effects. So food drug interactions are also important and have side effects too if not some medicine is taken without food or with food.
  2. Some Allergic Reactions: All types of allergic reactions depends on the person’s health condition many people are allergic to come drugs and show symptoms like redness, itching and some time breathing troubles too. If you have some of these types of symptoms then you should consult your doctor immediately.


Follow these tips to reduce the side effects of OTC medicines listed below:

Reduce the number of OTC intake, take only when you needed most
When you are on other drugs stop using the OTC medicines, if you still want to use then the first talk with your doctor.
Read the medicine instructions carefully before using this medicine with other medicines.
Take always the correct dose of the medicine never overdose it.
Do not use any medicine with milk and other food or drank products until advised by the doctor properly.
Do not take medicine with alcohol take doctor advice always.
Keep track of allergic reactions always, and in case of worse side effects talk with the doctor immediately.

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